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Product introduction:

This machine is suitable for automatic packaging of single box items in various industries(with gold tear tape).Using the most advanced PLC programmable controller,it has the safety door protection and alarm device to ensure the stability of the machine at high speed.All kinds of operation can be done easily on the touch screen.There is no need to adjust the height of the working table on both sides of the machine when replacing the mould,no need to disassemble a chain and hopper.

Main technical parameters:

1.the machine is a fully automatic high speed transparent film packaging equipment,using multi position turntable alternately packaging mode,all wrapped and hot sealing action is completed by cam transmission,with fast speed,stable operation and other characteristics.

2.changing moulds can pack different sizes of articles,and adopt a number of new patented structures to make changing moulds more simple and quick.

3.the new double rotary cutter is used to increase the service life by 5 times,and the cutting film is more precise and smooth.

4.equipped with electrostatic eliminator,effectively eliminate static electricity on the packaging film,make the film delivery is smoother.

5.adjust the packaging speed by frequency converter.According to the packaging products,the packaging speed can reach 40~80 packs per minute.

6.there is a double-sided wrinkle plastic surgery device to make the film packaging more body fitted and more beautiful.

7.,with the function of composite self-adhesive laser anti-counterfeiting and sealing,it really plays the role of anti-counterfeiting and moisture-proof.

8.automatic feeding can be used in connection with fully automated production line.

9.this machine uses safety door protection and alarm device.

10.this machine is equipped with a high temperature and low temperature alarm device.

11.when there is no box feeding,the machine will stop automatically.